Shine On: Discover the Latest in Home Lighting with These 7 Contemporary Trends

Dated: January 17 2024

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Lights are often overlooked in home renovations but can increase energy efficiency and change the look of your house. Stay up to date with these lighting trends


When thinking of home renovation, the common changes that come to mind are paint and furniture. Lights are often overlooked as an additional cost, but if done right, is a smarter option that can increase your energy efficiency in the long run, and can completely change the look of your house. Those old CFLs, tube lights, and incandescent can make your home look outdated, and if this is the case, it’s time for a smart upgrade. Modern lighting solutions are also energy efficient. For example, an average LED light bulb consumes around 90% less energy than an incandescent bulb.

When it comes to lighting trends, they are constantly changing as new innovations, designs and technologies emerge. Therefore, it's important to keep up with the latest trends before investing in lighting. Kishan Jain, Director at Goldmedal Electricals shared with HT Lifestyle 7 tips for lighting that should be a part of your overall renovation plan, with a special focus on lighting renovations.

7 Modern Home Lighting Trends

1. Pick lights according to the living space

Look at the size of the room, the purpose of the room, and the vibe that you want to give with the lighting installation. Some suggestions for room lighting are to have bright lights in common spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and hallways, and to have less bright but focused lights in study rooms and bedrooms.

Utilize a blend of ambient, accent, and task lighting to create the ideal arrangement.

Ambient Lights – For general lighting to illuminate areas equally

Accent Lights – To focus on the special elements in the room

Task Lights – To focus on an area where a task is performed

2. Select lights before selecting the finishing and furnishing

This is true for both new and renovated homes. Prior to completing paint, wallpaper, and furniture like curtains and upholstery, it's critical to consider how different light colors will affect the different items in your home. It is advisable to complete your lighting decision prior to finishing the rest of the house. Cool colors like green, blue, and gray appear a little duller and darker in brilliant white lights, while bright colours like red, orange, and yellow appear slightly more vivid. Therefore, you can choose between a warm light and a conventional white light depending on your interior settings.

3. Consider replacing faulty wiring

Lighting renovations are an opportunity to replace old, worn-out, and faulty wiring within the house. Flickering and fluctuations are the last things you want from your new lighting fixtures. Examine how much power each room needs, and if necessary, fortify the wiring in areas where power consumption is higher. This will guard against electrical leaks in addition to helping you stay safe when using lights. All of your electrical gadgets will have longer lifespans and higher efficiency as a result.

4. LED and its different forms

The power efficiency and capabilities of the modern LED have LED us to recommend this option. You have an abundance of alternatives, but there are so many of them these days that it can be daunting. As with any lights, determine which kind of LED will work best for you before making a choice.

If you have the freedom to make some structural alterations as part of your renovations, use LED surface lights for general lighting in common spaces. Concealed lights look fairly clean and create a lot more contemporary appearance. Strip lights can draw attention to the room's key features, while foot lights are particularly helpful for stairwells and small spaces.

5. Use technology to your advantage

The mention of modern lighting is incomplete without harnessing the full power of technology which is at our disposal today. Turn-on and off motion sensor lights can be a great solution for wardrobes and other connecting spaces in the home. A room's brightness can be changed with dimmer switches, and bright LEDs can be used as highlights or as part of mood lighting. IoT-enabled lighting may self-adjust its color and intensity according to your preferences, the time of day, and the quantity of light available.

6. The demographics of the residents

Renovations can have a more personalized approach when you understand the personal requirements of every individual. A senior family member should have enough bright light in every region of their living space if they are a part of your household. In today's sophisticated lighting, young adults will recognize and utilize remote-controlled or automatic features better. Warmer color schemes and very soft night lights are preferable if you have young children because they can help them feel comfortable without disturbing their sleep.

7. Deploy a licensed electrician

The assertion is self-explanatory. To prevent damage to your lighting, have your installations done by a qualified, licensed expert. Choose a repairman or troubleshooter who can help you with future issues as they are already familiar with your home's electrical layout.

Finally, set a budget with a list of the pros and cons of all the home lighting ideas available at your convenience and what suits your home the best. Hopefully, the above tips will help you gauge the best among the lot.


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